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Kathy Boyer

The Pet Connector/

Animal Communicator

& Energy Healer


I've been a lifetime animal lover, and have over 20 years' experience managing 8-10 cats in my household on an ongoing basis - in essence, running my own personal cat sanctuary, as all these cats entered my life from less than healthy, ideal conditions.


I became an Animal Communicator and Energy Healer to be able to give a voice to animals such as these, to help improve their relationships with their human caregivers.

Although my personal living experience has been with cats, I am able to communicate with all animals.

Many are in great need of emotional healing from early life trauma, but their humans don’t know how to help them, and often feel frustrated and helpless.


With the skills I have, I’m able to facilitate healing in these areas, and bring about a closer bond between both animals and their humans. Neither animal nor human needs to be stuck in their past story. They can move forward together with confidence.


My heart's desire is to give every animal dignity and a chance to be heard.





Are you struggling with behaviors like these?

"My horse/dog/cat is a rescue, and I don't know why they're acting like can I help them?"

"My cat keeps spraying everywhere."

"My dog is terrified of loud noises and won't stop barking."

"Why can't all these animals just get along???"


What abo​ut end of life issues?

"I wish I knew what my animal wanted, and if he's in pain..."


"This is so hard.  I can't go through this again..."

I'm happy to do a phone consultation with you about your animal, and see if what I can offer would be a good match for what you're looking for!

The First Step?

I start every new Animal Client with a Communication session, to connect directly with them, before recommending any other services.

For EFT Tapping and Scalar Wave Energy Healing, I'm currently offering Buy 1, Get a 2nd one at 40% off, mix and match according to the needs of your animals!

Are you just curious and want to know what your pet thinks about your new house - OR your new boyfriend/girlfriend?

If you knew what your animal was  thinking and feeling, would that help you understand them better, and improve your relationship?

As a fellow animal lover, I understand both the ups and downs of having an animal companion.

In talking directly with them through the transference of pictures, words, and feelings (Telepathy), I can:

  • Find out what they're thinking or feeling
  • Help discover the root cause of the behavior you're experiencing,
  • Help them to "get a load off their chest"

This will help you gain clarity, and together we can set up a plan to help bring healing/resolve the issue.

​What about animals that have passed?

Are you in grief, or just curious about whether they're OK?

I can communicate with animals who have left us, which can provide great relief, comfort and peace.

I can also talk with your remaining animals, to help give insights into restructuring  the changed household dynamics .

Do you need help integrating a new cat?

I have a wealth of experience!

Would you like more harmony in your home?

What if all your animals got along?

I offer discount rates for multiple animal households, and will work with your situation.

Communication is not limited to traditional Animal  Companions!

If you have farm animals, reptiles, or birds...give me a holler!

Answers to FAQ's:
  • Yes, I can talk to your animals remotely! You don't have to live nearby, OR bring them to me!
  • Yes, I offer Energy Healing as well, for both your pet AND you! Don't miss out!
  • My rates and contact information are listed below . I will work with you and your specific animal's needs, and create a special package designed just for you!

 Want to chat, or make an appointment?

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