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Who Am I?

I'm an Animal Communicator who...

... brings healing to frustrated families with emotionally challenged rescue animals, creating harmony within the home.


...compassionately helps grieving pet parents heal from the loss of an animal, so they can find peace again. This can also include connecting with an animal who has passed.

------------------------- committed to doing my very best to help animals and their humans better understand each other, heal, and live happier, more fulfilling lives together.


I'm all of this, and MORE!

About Me

 I began my journey into the world of Animal Communication when I discovered that I, too, could learn how to communicate with animals telepathically. I attended a 4-day conference with world renown Animal Communicator and Energy Healer, Joan Ranquet, and am now a graduate of and teacher for the Animal Mastery Program from her school, CWALU (Communication With All Life University)

Communicating with animals in this way has transformed the way I relate to and interact with them, and the world of Energy Healing has totally changed my perception of healing. Combining Communication with the Energy Healing modalities of EFT Tapping and Scalar Wave, I can truly make a difference in the lives of both animals and their humans, improving their relationships with each other in the process.

I come to this new field  from a 40- year career as a professional musician, traveling and performing all around the world as an Air Force Bandsman, including 5 years of living in Japan (secretly seeking out every animal I could find in whatever country I found myself in!)  Although music has been the driving force in my adult life, my heart has always been with the animals.

I had always envisioned opening a cat sanctuary, and reflecting on my life, I realized that’s exactly what I did, but in an informal manner. For 23 years, starting with my Air Force assignment in Japan, I had a consistent population of 8-10 cats that lived with me, primarily coming from environments of abuse or neglect. In fact, it is the subject of my upcoming book.

From this background, I draw upon my experience. I particularly love helping animals who have had a rough start in life to heal from their early trauma, which often causes behavioral issues later in their lives.

This love is not limited to just cats, but also extends to other animals. I’ve been a horse mom for 14 years, and if I had the space, I would probably also bring home every dog, duck and squirrel I see at the local park where I take my daily walks!

I'm more than excited to bring my dream of working with animals to life.

My mission is to help the Animal Kingdom feel more connected to humanity, while also helping build better interpersonal relationships between animals and their humans.

I look forward to connecting with you and your furry friends!

Kathy Boyer

The Pet Connector

Why not give it a shot?

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