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What is EFT Tapping?

(EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique, known as Tapping, is a way to help remove emotional stress from the physical body. It’s done by actually physically “tapping” on a specific set of acupressure points on the body.

How is it used to help animals?

The very same way! You “tap” on those specific acupressure points either directly on the animal’s body, or in its energetic field.

Do you do Tapping on Humans/Pet Parents?

Yes, I love to help people gain emotional freedom from Animal Related Trauma, and although I can do Tapping for other issues, I focus on their relationship with animals.

How does it work?

Acupressure points are specific points along the meridians (one of the energetic systems of the body), which are connected to organs, which are connected to emotions. By targeting these points, healing can take place at a deep level. Often when emotional wounds are healed, physical healing can also take place.

What is the Result?

Emotional Freedom! That means the root cause of the trauma, and the subsequent effects that have followed you or the animal for years are GONE! Sometimes it can happen after 1 session, or sometimes it might take 2-3. Example: You no longer cringe every time you see a bee, after having been stung multiple times as a child.

From what types of situations would Tapping help an animal?

  • Rescued animals with a rough start
  •  Moved from home to home
  • Animal who lost a human/companion and is grieving
  • Mishandled by a groomer
  • Spent too much time in a crate or a stall
  • Mistreated by a farrier, vet, vet tech
  •  Attacked by another animal
  • Situations of neglect
  • Abused by previous owners
  •  Used as bait dogs
  •  Lived in a shelter for a long time
  •  Afraid of fireworks, loud noises
  • Not enough food when young

How EFT Tapping Helped Me

Move Past Animal-Related Trauma​

Tapping has been an amazing solution to my many instances of animal-related trauma. I knew I was carrying around leftover emotions that were affecting my present life and relationship with current animals, but I had no idea there was healing and emotional freedom available to me, until I used this amazing technique!

Here are some examples:

1.The death of my best cat Big Boy over 20 years ago, and the guilt that consumed me over his circumstances. See his story on the End of Life Issues page of my website, or my blog.

2.Giving away the kittens of a mama cat we rescued almost 30 yrs ago, feeling the grief and horrendous remorse of having “betrayed” her.

3.As a 10-yr old child, the neighbor’s German Shepherd dog scared me to death every time I walked by their house. He was contained behind a fence, but always ran towards me barking. I panicked every time I was near or even SAW a German Shepherd for 45 years.

4.As an adult, I fulfilled my dream of having a horse, but have always been fearful of going fast. When I was 11, I had a chance to ride a horse in someone’s back yard, but was left unattended while on its back, and the horse bolted on me, nearly scraping my leg on a barbed wire fence. I held on, but had that flashback memory ever since. My heart raced in panic on every group trail ride where we were just planning to TROT!

5.As a 6 yr- old, I went to see the movie Bambi, and was traumatized when Bambi’s mother was shot and killed. I’d had issues with animals losing their mothers ever since. I’m THAT sensitive!!! The trauma doesn’t have to be associated with a live animal.

Give EFT Tapping a Try!

Tapping Video for

Healing After the Death of Your Pet

I've prepared a video for you to Tap along with, to help ease the emotions we often deal with after the death of a pet, especially if the circumstances were difficult. The guilt and regret I've dealt with in losing 17 animals (16 cats and a horse) in 20 years was overwhelming. Tapping helped free me from all of the emotional baggage I was carrying, and I'm now able to move forward, remembering my beautiful animals as they were - not stuck in the final days of their lives. This is Emotional Freedom! The video is about 20 mins long, with a 5 minute introduction and 15 minutes of Tapping. If you would like a personalized tapping session to address your specific issues, please contact me and we can make an appointment.

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