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Description of Sessions

Welcome to the exciting world of Animal Communication!

If this is your first time working with me, I'm going to explain what you can expect from

each of the different types of sessions that I offer.

Animal Communication

(I talk directly with your current pet, or one that has already passed)

REMOTE SESSIONS: You will send me a picture of your animal about 5 minutes prior to our scheduled appointment time. I will call you, ask some basic questions, and if there is anything specific that you'd like me to try and find out from them.

I prefer that you be with your animal, and stay on the phone while I get quiet and connect with them. This will take about 15-20 min. I can include a medical intuition scan. (not a diagnosis)

When I'm finished, we'll talk about it, and decide if we would like to follow up with any Tapping or Scalar Wave Energy Healing Sessions.  It will take 30-40 minutes total time.

IN PERSON SESSIONS: I will be there in person at your house/barn/apt, in the same room with you and your animal while I do the same protocol.

Tapping on Boo, at Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue

EFT T​apping

(Emotional Freedom Technique)

Tapping effectively releases stored emotions from the physical body. I can do it with both animals and their humans.

It's done by repeatedly 'tapping gently' on a series of acupressure points on the body- primarily the face, chest and top of the head.

How can this work??? It does!  Scientifically proven now - try it and experience the emotional freedom for yourself!

IN-PERSON SESSIONS: In most cases, I will do the Tapping on the animal while you hold them, or if the animal is resting you will be alongside me.

REMOTE SESSIONS: We'll set up a video call, and I will guide you through it.  A typical session will take  30-40 minutes.

Tapping on Pumpkin

Scalar Wave

Energy Healing Sessions

 I will move the energy through an animal's body, balance the Chakras, bring in the scalar wave energy,  and target those areas that are in need. This is a different technique than Reiki, and takes 30-40 minutes.

Animals generally find this very relaxing -sometimes even falling asleep!  You will likely see an improvement in your animal's well- being and energy level within a day or two -sometimes immediately.

IN PERSON OR REMOTE SESSIONS: We can decide, depending on your location. Both are effective.

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